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Author: Helen S McCord Partlow Rating: 2
We were not happy with our recent repair with this company. We when in for a oil charge. After a few days we had oil on the driveway. So we returned to have them check the leak. They came back and said we need valve cover gasket. We said OK. So they did the job. That is when the problems started. We didnt have any leaks for the radiator befor they were working on the car. They told us there was something broken on the radiator. So we had to paid to replace the radiator. So our $500 plus bill went up to $850 bill. We feel they told advantage us because we were older people. Beside they didnt put the car back in good order. They didnt recharge the Air Conditioner and didnt put the all the bolts back in place. We had to paid someone else to fix the air and bolt. We will not use this company again.
Author: A Google User Rating: 1
My family and I used to be loyal customers of this place for years. After awhile, I got tired of the nasty attitude on every visit. The work went downhill (scratched wheels, tires overinflated, etc) and the attitude got worse. I once sent my sister in with her car. The manager had the audacity to ask her if I installed her brakes since they were done so poorly (when in fact they were installed by a shop in Naples). That was the last straw and now none of the 5 cars we used to collectively bring to them will ever be brought in again. I regret recommending them to others and it is a shame to watch a business go down the drain like this one did. Too many chances, too many mistakes and too many rude comments have turned us away forever.
Author: BRian Gomberg Rating: 4

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