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Author: Melvin Mills Rating: 2
My loyalty and patronage will no longer happen at Al Willeford Chevrolet in Portland Texas. I have yet to receive my $95 reimbursement for a tow that should have been covered under warranty, after being promised numerous times by Brian Harrison that the check was cut, sent out. Also replaced a tire which I paid for less than a month later had a split sidewall...again should have been covered but wasn't. Paid again. The replacement air pump with sealant was never replaced in my vehicle after numerous claims it would be. Al Willeford has lost my business and anyone who asks me will be directed to other dealerships. Please stop sending future emails to me from Al Willeford. Thank you, Melvin R Mills Jr. If I were such a loyal customer then they should've resolved these issues. Al Willeford Chevrolet Portland Texas They used to be my #1 go to place but business now is about making money not taking care of loyal customers
Author: danna shelton Rating: 1
Each time that I schedule to have my vehicle serviced I'm waiting for at LEAST 2 hours. I can understand being busy etc, but no communication. I'm just sitting here, patiently since 9:30a, I finally decide to go ask ETA of my vehicle and I'm told sometime around noon. OMG!!!!!! Why not follow up and say that, mind you with an appointment exact same results. Communication is the most effective tool in customer service, may I suggest utilizing that tool.
Author: ashley duderstadt Rating: 1
Worst service after the sale I have ever seen. A friend of mine bought a new truck and took it back after experiencing problems with the four wheel drive. An appointment was made to bring the truck into the service department. A rental car was promised while the truck was getting fixed. We waited 45 minutes to get a car to drive. After asking 2 different times, we finally had to go back to the salesman to ask why we hadn't gotten the rental. Then we were told that they would call us with the results of our check. After waiting in town for most of the day (we live an hour and fifteen minutes away) we finally called to find out what was going on. They told us that a part would need to be ordered. ( A CALL WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE)
Author: Ivan Winningham Rating: 5
4/25/15, No Hassle, No Pressure !! Me and my wife have been admiring the new Chevy Tahoe body style since it's introduction a few months ago and have been talking of purchasing one recently so we drove over to Al Willeford Chevrolet in Portland to check them out. We were greeted by a salesman named Chris and I advised him we were just looking and he respected that and said if we had any questions just to let him know and he would further assist us at our request and he left us to "shop". #1, KUDOS! ...After a bit of searching there large inventory we found ourselves returning back to a Black 2015 Tahoe LTZ that my wife was falling in love with, I found Chris near by straightening out vehicles and he was very happy to come over and show us more details about the vehicle and he offered us a test drive. #2, KUDOS! With his product knowledge I could have swore he built the vehicle! He new very bell and whistle that vehicle had and he new exactly how everyone of them worked (im still trying to figure it out!) and after the test drive we sat down to talk numbers. #3 KUDOS! , That was the easiest vehicle purchase I have ever made (this is our 6th Tahoe in 15years), Chris didn't give us that running back and forth haggle and game most dealerships play, he showed us sticker price, I countered him with a good offer and he went once to his manager and brought me back a fair price for myself and the dealership and then it was off to finance where we were introduce to Sonia. She was very kind and showed us current interest rates and searched for us the best rate available (which was our credit union) and she made the experience pleasurable with her kindness and her concern. #4 KUDOS! The General Sales Manager Dale and the New Car Sales Manager Adam both greeted me and my wife and went over our purchase and our overall buying experience (these people care and they Get It!) and they wanted to make sure everything was at our expectation! We wouldn't change at thing! This dealership has employee's that love what there doing and there excellent at it and they love who there doing it for! Final KUDOS to Mr. Willeford and his dealership and staff. Thank you
Author: Enrique rodriguez Rating: 5
On Monday 4/21/2014 ,i took my 2011 Silverado pick up to the service dept. @ Al Willeford Chevrolet. The drivers side door handle was loose. I met with Mr. Bill Harrison and talked to him about my problem. Mr. Harrison showed me the warranty information on my truck and the 3 year bumper to bumper warranty was expired. Mr. Harrison still agreed to fix the problem with the door and another issue i had with the A/C temp. control. I was so impressed with the service dept. repairing my vehicle at no cost to me. On Tuesday 4/22/2014 i went and traded the truck in for a 2014 Silverado pick up truck. This is the 2nd vehicle i have bought from Danny Garza, and i will continue doing business with this dealership because they take pride in their dealership, and know how to take care of their customers.

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