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Wash Tub

1250 Austin Highway
(210) 824-9275

Wash Tub

Author: Ryan Bahnemann Rating: 1
Terrible job. Spend money for a good wash $69. Yet I would have had a better wash at the Bubble Bath for 12. Terrible job as employees. Seemed lazy and inattentive. Also they don't care about your car. Watch to cars collide with each other due to not paying attention. I will not be going there again. At least not at this location. Went on Sunday the 13th of march.
Author: Jose Juarez Rating: 1
I thought I'd give these guys one last chance after a couple of unsatisfying washes but they let me down again. They are particularly terrible at cleaning the inside of the vehicle. They neglect to vacuum and wipe down properly. I still have floor mats with leaves on them and the center console was obviously just brushed over as the cup holder and other areas are still dirty. Seems to me they are more about getting as many cars done as quick as possible than actual quality of service. Very disappointing and I will not be coming back.
Author: Matthew Salazar Rating: 4
Had a great experience the one time we stopped by. They seem very thorough and work quickly. No issues.
Author: Kevin Schimmeyer Rating: 2
They do a decent job on the outside, but they can't vacuum or do your interior to save their lives. I always end up having to redo my interior detailing myself after the wash. I won't be renewing the membership.
Author: skatingfool13 Rating: 1
I came in today to get my car washed and found a few areas where watermarks were still left and plenty of bugs not washed off my hood, but the real reason I am writing this review is because I had my sunglasses stolen from my car. Very unprofessional and I will not be returning, they no longer have my trust.

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