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Ace Hardware

10630 Southern Highlands Parkway
(702) 260-1944

Ace Hardware Ace Hardware Ace Hardware Ace Hardware Ace Hardware

Author: Russell Araujo Rating: 3
Staff could be more customer service oriented. I received a "what is this look" when I presented my online order confirmation. Then they took a while to retrieve it... In Las Vegas, these stores are known for having a "Hawaiian" section. Guess where this store's was located? Behind the registers against the exit wall. My wife walked throughout the whole store looking for it only to find it in the last possible place that it could be...
Author: Brian Wroblewski Rating: 4
This is your typical Ace Hardware store. Some things are pricey, some things are cheaper than the big box stores. If you need a key made, an odd fitting, or just want to talk to an old codger about the simpler times and how you still like the smaller independent stores, then come to Ace. They have a nice rewards program to keep you coming back.
Author: Alex Russo Rating: 4
Very convenient location being home Depot and Lowe's are far from southern Highlands. Prices are a little higher but they have good sales, the staff is wonderful and friendly. Return policy is great and the manager is quick to help get what you need
Author: DGreeno23 Rating: 4
A little expensive but great staff that is always helpful
Author: Brendan Thornicroft Rating: 5
Have had multiple bad experiences with Lowes & Home Depot at several locations. In general my experiences there have been unpleasant. The employees can see that you look lost but won't offer to help in most cases and even when you do ask it's like you stole their lunch money! Just moved into the Southern Highlands three weeks ago and needed to get some supplies from Ace and the service there was absolutely fantastic...so much so that I will go there even if some of their prices on select items are more than the other stores! Above & beyond my expectations...this is what customer service is all about!

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