car wash


Yorba Linda Car Wash

17091 Imperial Highway
(714) 524-7920

Author: Matthew Pearson Rating: 2
More interested in speed and obtaining a tip than making sure the interior was correct. The outside of the vehicle was perfect and I'm sure this is because it's done by machine.
Author: stanley k Rating: 2
worst car wash ever. They didn't even touch 1/2 of car. I ordered $40 interior & wash including undercaridge. Nothing is done well. I can find some cleaned spots but under the mufflers are not cleaned, under the handles not cleaned, back of driver & passenger seats are not even touched. carpets are only vacuumed and wrongly placed. front areas of passenger are not touched. Navigation screen is not cleaned. They just put armoror without cleaning dust tire rims have a lot of missed spots and so on. That is their $ 40 wash. Workers are lazy. I can see they don't wanna work. Only thing they did right was outside windows. I won't go back, not even for 9.97 wash. Near Imperial & Euclid, They do much better. The best place is in La mirada but quite far from where I live.
Author: Robin Heilmann Rating: 2
Went to car wash on lunch been going here for awhile usally bye something while waitin last time found a little rude thought just an off day. But today i pulled up 4 lanes 2 in middle 2 cars 2 outside 1 car each other cars pull up after me so I go the the Man which I now know is the owner and he no they were here first and I say no and basiclly he calls me a liar I guess the custom is not king her as I told the storey at work one of the other nurses said she stopped going here because of rudness
Author: Kyle Dodson Rating: 3
I got the highest value carwash and it was pretty nice, but they definitely missed some spots on my tires, my dash, and my trunk. Nothing was damaged and the rest of my car was pretty clean, but I wouldn't buy the $20 wash again. Go on Mon-Thurs and the normal wash is $9.97
Author: Ed Dro Rating: 5
Amazing. Attention to detail. Fidel is an amazing manager.