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Abbott Paint & Carpet

1808 Grand Avenue
(651) 243-3444

Author: Clark Dobbs Rating: 2
Abbot Paint is Excellent at matching stains and custom paint hence the reason I have done business with them. Most of the purchases are or maintenance inside and out of 3 buildings, much of it is for custom mixed products This summer my painter did not have me order enough deck stain. So I placed a second order. When I picked up the order Abbot was "1 gallon"(3.667L) short so they mixed another can and I paid for my order and started to leave. The clerk then found the missing can which I did not pay for and left behind. This fall I have received 2 calls demanding payment for said can which is still at the store. I finally sent them payment ($46) for the last can they mixed in error; I have not picked it up. It's not worth arguing over this issue. I felt that they were petty and not straight. Their P.R. stinks,"penny wise and # short."
Author: Jeremy Feuk Rating: 5
They sell a particularly hard to find stain I'm happy that they carry it it's the main reason I go here
Author: A Google User Rating: 1
I shop at allot of paint stores... Most often painting small, high end, interior jobs. This store needs an attitude check. I was particularly upset by their rudeness when I asked for a custom tinted quart of paint... it was like I wasn't spending enough for them to bother to take the time. The clerk told me I would have to purchase a gallon! They have some unique tools that I can't find anywhere else... but I will probably look to shop somewhere else. (Even if I need pratt & lambert paint)

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