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American Haircuts American Haircuts American Haircuts American Haircuts American Haircuts

Author: Anonymous User Rating: 1
horror, stuff of nightmares, DO NOT EVEN ENTER!! I came in during a lunch break for a quick cut, couple inches off my hair to make it shoulder length. Upon entering the salon, I was "greeted" with about 6 other persons, they were not all getting haircuts and I asked them if this was a good time to come in? One person got off her seat and said yes, while the other 5 women left the salon. It was quite a somber moment as if the women were chatting and had their lunch break interrupted or something. I thought I got mean looks from the women but I just wanted a quick cut, in-and-out, and back to work. So I told the stylist what I wanted, she took out a pair of scissors and went to work. She cut for maybe 5 minutes max and told me that she was done. I asked her to do a quick check around just to make sure. She cut a little more but she didn't change her tool, she stuck with the pair of scissors. Finally another 5 minutes and she finished again. I said okay, went to pay and she charges me $25 for the 10 minute haircut... what a shame...I paid the $25 leaving without tipping because I didnt think she deserved one with the price she was charging me. Not only did my haircut look like it was done by a 7 year old. I will never, EVER return to this business and will tell most of my peers and colleagues about this awful place.

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