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Author: Benjamin West Rating: 2
I can't remember the name of the salesman who was in there but I certainly remember his list of credentials because he repeated it over and over. The first thing he told us is that if we want a comparable mattress to the one he showed us that it would be $4000-$5000 elsewhere. When I told him that what he said was BS because we had already been shopping around and knew better he backpedaled as hard as he could. The entire time we were there he kept talking about how he had been a district manager of this and a regional whatever of that. His overall tone was very condescending and he repeatedly said "if you don't believe me look it up." The price and quality of the products seemed fine but the entire interaction with this guy made me feel like I didn't care how much I spent elsewhere, I wasn't going to spend money at this store. We ended up buying a bed at the very next place we went.
Author: Heidi Johnson Rating: 5
I've purchased mattresses from this store twice, and both times I've received some of the best service imaginable. The sales people were nice, showed me great options, and took care of my order quickly with no pressure whatsoever. Both times my mattresses were delivered the next day, in the time frame given. With my second order I suddenly realized I needed a box spring, so less than an hour before delivery was expected, I called the store in a panic. The salesman had the delivery driver go back to the store and get me a box spring, still delivering the entire order in time. And, he was very kind about it! I was truly amazed. I highly recommend this store; in fact I think this is my first Google review, but I feel so strongly about praising this great service that it was worth setting up an account. And nothing could beat the service I received from Bedrooms Today.
Author: A Google User Rating: 5
Customer service was great. They were friendly and worked with my schedule. Ordered my bed on Saturday and got it the next wednesday. Installers were clean and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone I know looking for a new bed.

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