Angelo's Pizzeria of Rootstown

4169 Tallmadge Road
(330) 325-8100

Angelo's Pizzeria of Rootstown Angelo's Pizzeria of Rootstown Angelo's Pizzeria of Rootstown Angelo's Pizzeria of Rootstown Angelo's Pizzeria of Rootstown

Author: Robert Burmeister Rating: 5
My family personally loves their pizza and have never had a bad experience with anyone. After reading all these reviews I could not figure out how so many people were disappointed so I dug a little deeper and read all the other reviews and it seems they're not happy with anything maybe they are the problem maybe not just seems to not fit what I'm used to there their pizza is by far the best around so don't listen to reviews from people that complain about everything.
Author: Ryan Rettig Rating: 1
I live about 3 minutes from the new Brimfield Store. I called the Brimfield phone number to place my order. All calls apparently go to the Rootstown store, despite having different numbers, and are then relayed to Brimfield. I went to pick up my pizza and it was never made. The employee at the Brimfield store called Rootstown to see what happened and they made my pizza in Rootstown by mistake. So I drive down to Rootstown to get my pizza and, although they were apologetic, they still charged me full price for a cold pizza. I asked why there are different phone numbers that ring in only to the Rootstown store. The employee said that it was just easier for them that way. It certainly isn't easier for the customer however. I was a weekly customer but now I don't think I'll bother anymore. It's a damn shame too, their pizza is excellent but the poor customer service more than makes up for the food. Gionino's it is.
Author: Helene Miller Rating: 2
Some of the worst customer service I've ever experienced. This place is just around the corner, and we order delivery almost once a week. Not anymore! We ordered 24 wings. When we got them there was no wing sauce on them. We ate them because we were starving and hadn't eaten all day. This could've been forgiven, but when we called to complain, they said that the wings must've soaked up the sauce. There was never sauce on the wings; they were dry and flavorless. They said there was nothing they could do since we already ate the wings. After talking to them for a few minutes, they offered us a $5 credit. (We spent $16 on the wings.) When we asked to talk to a manager, we were informed that we were already talking to the owner. She continued to argue with us. She was practically yelling at my boyfriend on the phone and was so rude that we eventually just hung up. If that's how they treat their customers, no thank you. You just lost a regular customer, and I'll be sure to tell anyone who will listen not to get food from your restaurant.
Author: K Hayes Rating: 5
Great service - great food and great prices!
Author: Eileen Everly Rating: 1
Horrible. Paid $4.25 for mushrooms and got 6 of them. The baked pasta had two meatballs that were all dried out and no sauce over them. Speaking of the sauce. YUCK. The pizza was the only thing that was a little bit good but didn't have much items on it at all. Got Rigatoni and didn't get any bread or butter or anything with it. My bill was $27 and some change and wasn't worth $5.00.

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