Anthony's Pizza & Pasta

119 W Bridge St
(303) 659-0804

Anthony's Pizza & Pasta

Author: Eddie Salaz Rating: 3
Good service, polite and friendly decent pizza. We ordered from a very friendly associate who took a very large order for our company and had it ready in decent amount of time. The pizza tasted pretty good, however did not agree with the stomachs of a lot of the gentlemen on our crew. We appreciate the food and great service however the pizza didn't do the service justice.
Author: Loretta Eberle Rating: 1
Yuck. Just ordered a small pizza & chicken wings. The pizza was ok, the chicken GROSS!!!!! Wasn't cooked. Slimy. There was a neck and spine in there. I feel sick.
Author: Laura Fowler Rating: 5
We eat here every other week. Love the pizza and the employees. They are wonderful!
Author: Robert Thomas Rating: 2
I have been to this Anthony's many times back when they were at the location by the theaters. During these last few years I moved to Wyoming and recently moved back to Brighton. One of the first things I wanted to do was go in and order a delicious pizza from this store but once I entered the store I instantly realized that this was not the Anthony's I used to love. The entire area was filthy, and the waitress girl was too busy texting and chatting up with one of her co-workers. I still wanted to a slice from them so I ordered a slice. Let me say it was probably the worst I have ever had from their. The crust was tough and the toppings were not cooked all the way through. I am a person that gives a benefit of a doubt so I ordered a delivery another night. Once again, digusting pizza. I do not reccomend them to anyone! If you really want a great Anthony's fix go to the one in LoDo or off 7th, but do yourself a favor and avoid the Brighton on at all costs!!
Author: Jason Kirby Rating: 4
After speaking with some of the staff I learned the franchisee sold this location back to the company. That was definitely the right thing to do! I've been here 6 or 7 times this year and every pizza was cooked just right (maybe with love?). Sorry I can't remember any names, but everyone has been polite. They want to get the business in good shape so the next franchisee is set up for success. Keep it up!

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