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3 Minute Magic Car Wash

300 Simmons Road
(865) 675-7531

3 Minute Magic Car Wash 3 Minute Magic Car Wash 3 Minute Magic Car Wash 3 Minute Magic Car Wash

Author: Lee S. Rating: 1
Just bought 2016 Ford Explorer in December. Waxed it in January (so that 1. it would have a good coat of wax for the winter. 2. So I could inspect every inch of the new car). I took it through the 3 Minute Magic Car Wash after the snow we had. When I pulled around to vaccum. It had many little scratches along the side of the car. When I brought it to the manager's attention. He attempted to convince me that it came from the factory that way and car wash just took off the wax that was hiding the scratches ... He called it marring. I call it crap!. But he did say I should be able to find someone to buff out the scratches (on my dime). Sad... I had used them with previous cars for years but not anymore. Cars are too expensive to ruined in one wash and not receive an offer to fix it.
Author: Jeffrey Einkorn Rating: 5
The $45 monthly plan is so well worth it. Use it 3 times, and it's payed for itself. But use it like we do, everytime we go to town, and your getting your car washed for a heck of a deal. You can run it through once a day everyday for just the one monthly price.you can't beat it. This location does a far better job then the others for some reason, and the staff, they are awesome! They deserve whatever they are payed and more. Always smiling, always waving, and understanding when someone as OCD as I am, had a problem with the sticker being crooked and in my direct line of sight. They didn't question me wanting to put a new one on myself just days later. Thanks guys!
Author: Tina Johnson Rating: 5
Cleans the car very well. Fast and not expensive.
Author: Nick Nguyen Rating: 2
Been a long time weekly customer for 5 years. New washing system ruined my headlights and I filed a claim a week ago but no has called me back. Stopped by to see the manager twice but got the run around and still no one has called. Very bad business. Will never go there again.
Author: Kevin Anderson Rating: 4
Of course I COULD get the $3 wash but I get the best at $11 and it comes out looking like it has been detailed. Wheels are perfect and it adds RainX to the windows which makes the car shed water and dirt. Always good suction on the vacuums.

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3205 Alcoa Highway Alcoa TN 37701
3205 Alcoa Highway Alcoa TN 37701
3205 Alcoa Highway Alcoa TN 37701