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Author: michael brueckmann Rating: 1
Previous customer lost I had previously leased from this Aaron's and was satisfied with their service. When I leased from this last time, I paid my first month on a Tuesday and was told my items would be delivered on Friday. By 7 pm that Friday, I called and asked what time they would deliver. I was told that because of the weather, they were way behind. I told them it was ok to deliver on Monday due to the weather. By 3pm they still had not delivered my items. I called the store and the sales person indicated I wasn't even on the delivery schedule. I picked up the items from the store and set everything up myself. Then no one from management called to see if I was satisfied with everything. I decided to cancel the lease and called to schedule a pick up. I was told they would pick up on Monday. I received a call that morning asking if I was going to make a payment. I informed the manager I had scheduled the items for pick up. By 3 they still hadn't picked up. My wife called and the manager called her a bitch and said "we will get there when we get there." Needless to say, customers lost.
Author: Jason Fraggetta Rating: 1
Terrible customer service. Call you at 9 am on the day your bill is due continue calling 5,6 even 7 times a that day and when your actually late it is even more then that up to every 45 min. Strongly recommended to find somewhere else. I will never use them again.
Author: jessica natale Rating: 1
Horrible rude people at this Location. Had a $130 credit which they pulled up on their computer 2 days ago and it just happened to vanish when I go to make my payment. This organization is shady and I wouldn't trust them. DON'T GET ANYTHING FROM THEM!

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